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'Wellness Is A Lifestyle'

LiCo Wellness is managed by Lifestyle Connect LLP, founded in year 2014. 

We believe that wellness is a lifestyle.

With a team of qualified diet & nutrition consultants, we offer diet & nutrition consultation to help individuals to regain their health. We run nutrition talks & seminars, healthy cooking & baking workshops, with the aim to promote healthy lifestyle and to empower individuals to take charge of their health & wellness.

'Wellness Is A Lifestyle'

Mission & Vision

To Provide the Knowledge, Practical Solutions, and Platform to Help People Lead Healthier Lives


Wellness is a Lifestyle 

Meet The Team

Having been climbing the corporate ladder for over 10 years, I started to get interested and learnt about diet and nutritions when I’m starting my family in 2008. The more I studied and applied the nutrition knowledge on my family and friends, the more I’m amazed with what changes in diet & nutrition can do to one’s health. We are indeed what we eat. 

I subsequently set up LiCo Wellness LLP with partner Liz Thiew to spread nutrition knowledge through workshops, personal nutrition consultation, healthy weight management, and metabolic syndrome management.  In 2016, I quitted my position as a finance director in a US company, with the aim to bring LiCo Wellness to greater heights. 

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Ginny Ooi

“I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2004. I spent thousands of dollars to seek for best treatments to no avail. In fact, my condition deteriorated. I started to explore nutrition healing as an alternative treatment. Within 6 months, I was off my medication and there was no symptoms of RA since. I was awed with the power of nutritional healing and decided to venture further into nutritional science to help more people.” 

Founded in 2014, Liz Thiew, Senior Nutrition Consultant of @lico.wellness who lives by the motto Wellness is a Lifestyle incorporates healthy living into our day to day routines. With a decade’s worth of experience, Liz specialises in Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Gout, Cholesterol, Eczema etc. As a leader in this field, she focuses on providing food and nutrition consultancy as well as healthy lifestyle courses to further equip the public with the knowledge of making healthy decisions.

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Liz Thiew

Call 8522 5856 / 9684 8469

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